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  Orphanage overview

  Build up school at mountain area

  Build up a meditation center at Himalayas


GURU said " Buddha is not living in the heaven, he is living in everyone's mind. If you are willing to be kind and patient to face everyone and every problem, the Buddha in your mind will guide you and you will feel that you life is worth it! Every object have life and this "life" only have once. We can miss any opportunity that we can to update our mind but in our lifetime we only have once can not be return, using our life time, to make our world back to peaceful, nature and happiness.


Having 3 meals each day, 6 feet's space to rest every night, after pass only left dust, during our lifetime we can bring anything, when we pass away we cannot bring anything away. Why are we afraid of? Life is not equal to money, power or substance; give our kindness, happiness as much as we can like Buddha to make our environment more peaceful and happy. When we made it we can tell ourselves "nothing to be regret in our lifetime".



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 Orphanage Overview   


Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world, as each resident can only get US 100 or below every month. Under unstable politics situation, Nepal is having a lot of problem like refugee, poor cultivate land, prostitution and child labour.


A lot of families in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal are facing short of foodstuffs and water supply, and other serious problem like abandon their own baby with no choice. Even though those handicappes also cannot escape this destiny - homeless. No one to adopt these children, and hence they have to become beggar, thief  or worse they are sold to be child labour or prostitute. Nowadays these problem become even worse. What we can do is to hope everyone work hand in hand and use Buddha's spirit in helping these poor children, let them have a warm place to stay and have a meal daily.




These pictures are from 3 years ago, at Kathmandu, Nepal new orphanage establishment. It spent US 200,000 for purchase and renovation of the triple stories. But we still owe the bank half of these funds. We provide primary education and take care of 180 orphan, handicapped and poor family. We provide meals, place, medical, education fee, employee benefit and others which comes up to a monthly expense of US20, 000.




All these children came from poverty-stricken families, where their families cannot support them. Their parents are under even worse situation and choosen to abandon them. But now they have your kindness in helping them, they have home, hope and smile in their life. Thank you !




Due to fund constraint  we are unable to provide better classrooms. These are one of the classroom under our budget are unable to and the only light is coming from the roof. But all these children are very hardworking and happy to learn in every lesson. Are you willing to join us to give warmth to them?




A simple and crude classroom cannot stop them from learning, they are the ridgepole of theat next generation, do we have to provide a better environment to them? (We are planning to reconstruct this ragged classroom and it needs about US $60,000. Are you willing to share with us?) 





This is outside of the classroom, the walls are cracked, the roof leaks, and the worse thing is this building might collapse in any time during raining season. We are planning to reconstruct and expand it into triple stories in order to let every child have an opportunity to be educated. Are you willing to be one of the charity founders?




These children are very hardworking in learning. If we can keep on improving their meal and environment, perhaps, one day they will become engineer, scientist, or doctor or like you, be a kind person who is willing to help everyone.




The kind Taiwanese are using their power of love in helping them. This power is global and now we welcome you with sincerity in joining our international big family.


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      Build up school at mountain area


In Nepal mountain area, there are a lot of poor families, which can not afford to send their children to school at the city of Nepal. We built up to 9 primary schools in the mountain area over the ten years. And we also launch a village education program to let every children to have an opportunity to go to school. We have to continue to work hard in creating more opportunity for these families. Join us now, so that you will not miss the opportunity!



Over these few years we developed a few schools at mountain area, we are maintaining them but we plan to reconstruct some of them as well. The pictures above show Gan Rong primary school. We are responsible for the entire expenses such as teacher's salary, officer's salary and miscellaneous expenses. So, we need your support and we would like to invite you to become our board member.

Look at the little friends who are very happy in welcoming the arriving of our Taiwan group. The little friends' confidence are made from your caring and encouragement, and also in letting them to know kindness is not limited to international worldwide. Your small gift can bring happiness and appreciation from the children. Today you are giving them a chance to be a ridgepole for next generation. Nowadays we are busy with our job, but only if you are willing to spend some of your time in joining us and sharing love with them. Come join us now ! (Currently we are developing a new primary school at market. The building is completed halfway and we still need another US $20,000. Are you willing to helping us ?)

The pictures on the left are from Jessica Zheng, she is the director of Taipei Tan Fu Lun Society. She went up and down the Himalaya Mountains almost 8 times in order to start the spirit of Fu Lun. She used her perseverance to solicit contributions of US $76000. At Gan Rong primary school she is helping the children to build up a new classroom for them and also to buy new stationeries and school bags. Look at it, so happiness and everything is worth it while.

P/S: We who living at Himalayas mountains region area and work silently over these ten more years, this is a holy land for us and It us enable to feed our generation and keeping evolution. Even though they are poor but are ablie to live in happiness, peacefulness and kindness. We cannot share their spirit but definitely can share with them our materials.

We still have many more projects like to supply pure water, generate electricity. And having a lot of mountain areas wanted to produce builds school, clinic medical treatment funds, orphan funds, controlling prostitute and underage worker, Pokhara medical treatment and patient parent staying problem. (The parents who are coming from mountain area, they cannot support their medical treatment fee and lodging fee, in the end they can only stay overnight at street and be a beggar to have some money)

However poor man have non-stop problem, but they have courage to live and in mind they understand for enough. These arethe things that worth learning from them. We just give a little and can exchange for their happiness and this also brings us warmth.

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   Build up a meditation center at Himalayas

For more than ten yhears Guru introduce Paramitta Yoga to physical resonance in the world, and more and more people are willing to learn and practice it. All of us take the same action without prior consultation, now we need found a suitable place for closed-door meditation use. Finally, Guru found a nice place for all of us - Maphar Himalaya Mountains, Nepal. Maphar is a good place for meditation. It is around 2700 meter above sea-level. During summer season it is cold and the winter season it is warm. The entire villager are friendly and nice. The Snow Mountains are around of us and the landscape is wonderful.  

Nearby, Jomossom have inland airport. From Pokhara to Jomossom takes half an hour. Currently we make preparation to build up an international meditation center with high technology in it, worth around US $30000. The purpose of this consists to let us have a place meditation yoga and exchange countries meditation techniques. We welcome you in joining us to build up this international meditation center. Lets us follow Guru step and use Buddha spirit to do something for our generation and everyone. Open up the door of Buddha's, bring peaceful and Buddhist Doctrine to everyone.

We at Himalaya Maphar found village around 2800 meter high. Now we make preparation to build up a center for us to communicate with each other and study Paramitta Yoga. The picture on the right hand is Guru and local religious people doing started build ceremony, welcome you to joining us together and build it up.

Technology kept improving, terrorism kept happening. Everyone are closer but friction is difficult to avoid. Temple is difficult to build what we can do is just a little; only the Buddha is in our mind and together with us without day and night.

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