Himalayas - GURU

It does not matter that if you do not know GURU at Himalayas.

But it will be a pity if you do not experience what he has done.

GURU standing at Himalayan mountains and inviting us to share the experience with him -  Buddhist Doctrine and Dharma Book.

Guru was born a Malaysian and his birthplace was Malacca. In the year 1985, he was named GURU U-Pandita Anand.

Since young he was always mischievous but highly intelligent. It was at the age of 26 that he met with a serious accident. He slipped and fell off a waterfall at Templerís Park. Miraculously, he survived the fall but suffered from paralysis on his lower half of his body. Whilst in the hospital bed, he prayed earnestly day and night hard. Finally his prayer was answered as Buddha was touched by his deep sincerity. He recovered from being bedridden and this led him to decide in wanting to start his life afresh with Buddha Ė a destiny with Buddha.

A few years later, he went to the Himalayas to seek further guidance and learning. During this time, he met 5 GURUs who were very compassionate to guide him in his spiritual development and teaching him the technique of breath management, meditation yoga, paramitta yoga and many other skills related to yoga.


Very frequently Guru U-Pandita Anand meditates in isolated temples  or even in mountain caves. Due to this behavior, he travels extensively in the Himalayan Mountains in Nepal, Bhutan and India. Later, he was arranged to travel to Myanmar to learn group living among the monks.

At the age of 32, when he was in one of the caves of the Annapurna Himalayan mountain practicing his meditation, he encountered a sudden understanding what truly life is all about. From this sudden understanding, he was able to seek and answer all that is about life and attaining truly blissful happiness. Now he wants to share his personal experiences and happiness with all of us, regardless of race, nationality and belief.

His sudden attainment gave him total blissfulness and he is always happy which he wants to share and impart this experience with all of us. However, Guru saw in everyone of us the misery, hardship and misunderstanding delving within ourselves. As such, he decided to share and impart his learning of the Buddha Doctrines to everyone who wants to experience happiness.
Over the last ten (10) years, he has travelled to Europe, United States of America (USA), Australia, Asia and Mainland China to introduce and explain the Buddha Doctrines to audience in universities, temples, monasteries and yoga learning centers. Attracting lots of students and followers, he also started charity fund to help build schools, orphanages, clinics and even roads in the mountainous region of Nepal. Others areas like Myanmar, Cambodia, India, Thailand, Pakistan and Bosnia also have the Guruís footprint.
Currently, he spends a fair amount of his time in Taiwan where he teaches the Buddha Doctrines and Paramitta Yoga Sutra to beginners and advance students. He would not like to see that we are just wasting our life time in not seeking happiness and instead having all those miseries, hardships and misunderstandings. He sincerely wants to impart his supreme understanding of life and happiness to all of us.

Guru is a multi-lingual speaker. His fairly proficiency in English helps him to reach out to those who do not understand Chinese. He constantly uses his intelligent ways to extend out his reach to his audience when he speaks. His main medium of speaking is Chinese.


P/S : GURU means teacher or guider in Nepal. ANAD is given by teacher during meditation yoga at the Himalayas. PANDITA means under Buddisht Doctrine. U means Understanding.

P/S : All the picture in this site are provided by GURU.